Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fools and their footwear

I have written previously of a woman who allowed the former leader of the Conservatives to sip champagne from her Chanel shoe. Her husband is as well known for his red socks as he is for his for his inappropriate books. Another of my subjects, Bernard Madoff, was also known for his vast collection of monogrammed slippers. Those fascinated by his crimes paid vastly inflated sums at auction for them.

Yesterday, the husband of another well-known shoe lover, Lord Black of Crossharbour, was thrown back into the clink and given a $125,000 fine.

Lord and Lady Black leaving Chicago's Federal Court yesterday

His wife, who fainted during sentencing, will forever be remembered for an arrogant statement to Vogue of how her “extravagance knows no bounds” and her boasts about owning one-hundred pairs of Manolo Blahniks. This is a woman who wrote in The Sunday Times: "What does it matter if one well-off elderly white woman with too many pairs of expensive shoes now finds her social life largely limited to visiting her dearly missed husband in a U.S. federal correctional institution” in August 2008.

A master of wordplay, media baron Black was first sentenced to six and a half years in jail for fraud and obstruction of justice in July 2007. In July 2010 he was granted bail after the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned two of the three remaining mail fraud counts. Yesterday at a retrial, though, he was convicted and sentenced to forty-two months in jail, of which he has already served twenty-nine.

Bernard & Ruth Madoff at a beach party

Brian Koslow once commented: “Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.” The threesome I write of have certainly been noticeable over the years but Black, like the other two, may again wish his activities hadn’t been brought to public attention.

Bernie’s now in a cell, sentenced to 150 years. A certain disgraced newspaper tycoon will soon find himself back in similar circumstances. Meanwhile, Meyer has been exposed by the very newspaper Lord Black previously owned and used as a vehicle to peddle his self-promotion. 

Sir Christopher and Lady Meyer at a party hosted by Matthew Steeples

These shoe loving creatures, Imelda Marcos like, are sinking back into the quagmire from where they came.


Life's a Lottery said...

Like Peter Mandleson all of this lot share the belief that they're above the law. Like Peter Mandleson, they all are getting their comeuppance.

Angelique said...

@Life's a Lottery

Is he really. I must keep up.

After reading your narrative on Meyer - I think you must realise that old saying "Birds of a feather......

I fail to understand the 'why' of what drives these people to believe that they will be allowed to trample people underfoot by simply having their hands on so much money. It must be us the silent watchers who allow them to do it. It leaves such a nasty taste in my mouth just reading about them.

AnnaEsse said...

Jane Tanner and her silent flip-flops!

Anonymous said...

Shoes - the windows of the soul.

Dominic Jones said...

Cathy Meyer is worse than the others. Bernie robbed the wealthy. Con robbed his own company. Cathy conned money meant for children.

Pat Wilding said...

Just because they're privileged and well connected, these people shouldn't get a way with it. The Meyers deserve locking up as well. Stealing from charity is just disgusting.

Matthew Steeples said...

The latest from Conrad:

“And I will survive this, physically and as a moral person, and financially, and not ruined, ostracized and broken. . . . Given the correlation of forces between the United States of America and Conrad Black, I feel I’ve done well."

Down but plainly not out.

Anne Wright said...

What a creepy bunch. They all look so smug. It should have been a giveaway.