Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Magic’s in the water, magic’s in the air

We’ve all heard of people who think they can walk on water or fly through the air. Most of us, however, have never seen anyone achieve such. An image of a man walking across the Thames yesterday, therefore, immediately left me fascinated.

Steve Frayne, who goes by the name of “Dynamo,” made it halfway across the river before being picked up by what appeared to be a police boat. The boat, it turned out, was also part of the act.

Dynamo walks across the Thames in front of the House of Commons

Dynamo, whose previous tricks number transporting a mobile phone into a glass beer bottle, physically moving a girl’s tan line and bringing a flutter of butterflies to life, was taught magic by his grandfather on the deprived Delph Hill Estate in Bradford where he grew up. His ability to combine hip hop culture and elements of dance in his magic, though, have resulted in an ever growing fan club that now numbers Gwyneth Paltrow, Ian Brown and Will Smith.

It transpires that Dynamo’s reason for standing in the middle of the Thames was to promote a new television series. His impressive stunt most definitely worked. I’ll definitely be watching.

I’m yet to see Dynamo perform but another magician who has repeatedly impressed me is 25 year old Drummond Money-Coutts. Money-Coutts, who uses the moniker “DMC,” is the grandson of the late Lord Deedes and a progeny of the Coutts banking dynasty.

 Drummond Money-Coutts appears to float in the air (image by Aliona Adrianova ©, http://www.adrianova.co.uk)

A talented card sharp, Money-Coutts has private residencies at Annabel’s and George Club in Mayfair and has performed for Hugh Grant, Queen Elizabeth and Michael Parkinson. A pair of velvet shoes, made by shoemaker Fin’s and a favourite of David Hasselhoff, has even been named after him.

Whilst Dynamo’s illusions make headline news, Money-Coutts also uses his ability to do good. In 2007, he travelled to Kenya to film Kenyan Conjurations: the School Built By Magic. The funds raised from its sale have been used to fund the building of a primary school there whilst a trip to Tanzania in 2010 resulted in an analysis of witchcraft in Tanzanian Devil – The Dark Truths B’hind the African Witchdoctors.

Watch out for much more from this brilliant magical duo.

The first in the series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible is on Watch on 7th July at 9pm. See http://uktv.co.uk/watch/homepage/sid/8829

For more on Dynamo see http://www.dynamoworld.com

Buy a pair of Drummond evening slippers at http://www.finsforhim.com

Watch DMC: Tanzanian Devil at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqtcwLNAUj8

For more on DMC Magic see http://www.dmcmagic.com

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