Friday, 3 June 2011

Matthew Steeples takes a look through the lens at Aliona Adrianova

 Omar Agostini, Ilia Restaurant ( - © Aliona Adrianova

Magician Drummond Money-Coutts ( - © Aliona Adrianova

Photographer Aliona Adrianova has lived in London since 2007 and sees capturing her subjects as an art form.

The air forms a major part of Adrianova’s makeup. Her father was a fighter pilot in Ukraine and taught her much about aerobatics. Her mother, a designer, gave birth to her mid flight.

Adrianova took inspiration from her mother and artists such as Botticelli, Escher and William Blake and began to paint at the age of seven. Whilst believing paintings to be portals to another world, her interests in geometry, psychology and philosophy gave a rationalistic approach to her work.

Following graduation from the Kyiv National Economic University in 2009, Adrianova married a mathematician and worked briefly in private equity, real estate and corporate finance in Moscow and London before deciding to concentrate on her true passion – photography.

Beginning by working with friends, Adrianova learnt much about the medium from Barry Lategan, best known for his portraits of Twiggy, Paul McCartney and Calvin Klein. With further inspiration from her photographer friend William G. Carter, her early subjects included the well-known interior designer David Carter, public relations guru Ellen Spann, West End singer Gary Williams, British conductor Marius Stravinsky and English National ballet dancer Natalia Kremen. Most recent shoots have included the esteemed actor and director Steven Berkoff, former Connaught chef Omar Agostini, purveyor of the very finest magic Drummond Money-Coutts and Slumdog Millionaire star Arfi Lamba.

The fate of Adrianova’s portraits are determined by air, warmth and light. “The magic of these tangible elements”, she comments, “is imperative and if you can bring these together you really can illustrate the soul of a personality.”

Adrianova adds “In my photographs I aim to capture images that reflect aura as well as appearance. When preparing for a shoot, I focus on the energy of my subject so that I can capture them in a new light - a light that reflects their individuality.”

To date Adrianova’s works have featured in magazines including Condé Nast Traveller, Vogue Living, The Observer, the Independent, La Republica, Sontag Norway and Forbes Latvia. Interiors photography shot by Adrianova of the acclaimed Forty Winks boutique hotel have also featured in the recently published England’s Hideaways by Meg Nolan (2010).

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ruxandralazarescu said...

The Magician portrait reminds me of Magritte, fabulous!

The Bruiser said...

It's great to learn about the new talent out there. The greatest of luck to Aliona Adrianova. I shall be looking out for an exhibition by you soon.