Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sun and Sin in St Tropez

 Summer edition 2011 cover of Sin Tropez by Aita Ighodaro

I came to know Aita Ighodaro through mutual friends and helped her launch Sin Tropez, her debut novel, with a party at Georg Jensen's Bond Street store in November 2010. Though Christmas was nearly upon us, Ighodaro’s book was a ray of sunshine that brought cheer to many on that cold winter’s evening.

Sin Tropez, unsurprisingly, was an instant hit and friends travelling through Heathrow Airport last December even sent me pictures of it there amongst WHSmith’s bestsellers. Closer called it “thrilling and scandalous” whilst The Independent announced that it “wins readers with its riotous hedonism.”

Chronicling the adventures of three friends, Tara, Abena and Natalya, their “dangerous” affairs, “out of control” partying and the “dark consequences” of getting “what you wish for,” this girly blockbuster has just been launched in “Summer Edition” format through publisher Corvus. This “fun, frivolous and sexy” book is a must read chick-lit to take on your travels this summer.

Statuesque Ighodaro was born in London in 1983 and after a degree at Oxford University worked in the television industry and for several newspapers and magazines. Rather like the characters she writes of, she has also done modeling work and been linked to several high profile individuals.

Her inspiration for Sin Tropez came from visiting a once sleepy seaside town that now holds a reputation of being the “black sheep” of the French Riviera. Ighodaro comments: “One of the themes of the book is wild excess and there's a lot of that in St Tropez. Where there is excess there are often some shady and complicated characters and they are fascinating to write about.”

Ighodaro most enjoyed the challenge of “capturing the energy of a place and a set of people on paper” in her writing. Their “sense of fun and naughtiness, as well an underlying darkness” are what bring Tara, Abena and Natalya to life as they party crazily and get into all sorts of escapades.

This summer Ighodaro, herself, plans to travel to Andalusia and is working on a new book that, though still under wraps, is about “friendship, greed and ambition.” She adds: “One of the best things about my job is if I take my laptop abroad with me I can pretend I'm working.”

Sin Tropez is most definitely a leader in the new wave of chick-lit bonkbusters. Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper may have held sway in the eighties and nineties but now the time has come to look out for much more from up-and-coming author Aita Ighodaro.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds as if it could be a really great read. I love Jackie Collins so I think this'll be just for me. I'm off to WHSmith to seek out a copy now.

Anonymous said...

This is what an Oxbridge Mod Lang degree leasds to????

Sasha Jackson said...

Superb work Aita. Ignore the detractors. Your book was most enjoyable and I just hope my holiday on the French Riviera will be as nearly as glam!!!! X

Amy Field said...

I read this book over Christmas and loved it! Massively entertaining and intelligent at the same time. And very very funny!