Monday, 25 July 2011

Caution and Cabs

On Saturday evening I was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a particularly unreputable taxi driver.

After a night out with friends, I got into a car outside a club in the Fulham Road and found myself in the company of an especially angry man who plainly had a mighty chip on his shoulder. This person drove like a maniac and on arrival at my home, I was relieved to have arrived in one piece.

I climbed out and tapped on the window to give the man the fare. Instead of opening it and accepting, he climbed out of the car and kicked me into the steps of the building where I live. I fell to the ground and cannot remember anything beyond that. The above image of my face tells the tale of what happened next.

As Katherine Whitehorn once said: “No nice men are good at getting taxis.” The lesson here is simple: Be very careful when taking cabs.


brett said...

Sorry to hear and see your battered face. Any idea of licence plate or other identifers? Hope you're only superficially damaged and get better soon!

Did you get the old bill involved?

Von Paul said...

Hi Matthew,

sorry to hear about this urban misadventure.

By the way all my compliments to your blog and to your prosperous career in writing. It really suits your person.

see you soon in London.


Horatio Hobliqua said...

I assume you did not give him a tip.