Thursday, 14 July 2011

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound

An MP known for nothing other than posing in his underpants on a gay chat site is trying to revive a career that never started by attempting to create a role for himself as Rupert Murdoch’s nemesis.

Rupert Murdoch

Chris Bryant MP may have been a victim of phone hacking but can he not leave the investigation of it to others? Bryant’s attempts to put himself at the fore of this story is just about as phony as the Daily Star now calling themselves “a Sunday paper you can trust.”

In today’s Evening Standard, Bryant sensationally states: “For too long we have allowed one man, who doesn’t even live or pay taxes here, to have a vast sway over our national life.” Bryant doesn’t stop there arguing that Rebekah Brooks should be arrested by the House of Commons Serjeant at Arms, Murdoch should “wave goodbye” to Britain and suggests the former Spanish prime minister, who sits on the board of the News Corp, has questions to answer as well. He launches into a tirade against BSkyB, who he terms “anti-entrepreneurial,” as well as the “chihuahua with no bark that is the Press Complaints Commission.” Next, I imagine, he’ll find reason to include Lord Lucan, Dolly Parton and Jack the Ripper in this story. Anything seems to do for Bryant. All he seems to care about is keeping his name in the papers.

Chris Bryant MP

One reader responds to Bryant’s piece on the with a most suitable rebuttal: “If you hadn't put pictures of yourself in your undies on a website, he [Rupert Murdoch] might never have bothered you in the first place.” This sour grape of an MP really should pipe down.

Lord and Lady Black

Lord Black has also been give space in today’s Financial Times to air his view on a man he describes as “an exploiter of the discomfort of others.” Black continues:

“All his instincts are downmarket; he is not only a tabloid sensationalist; he is a malicious myth-maker, an assassin of the dignity of others and of respected institutions, all in the guise of anti-elitism. He masquerades as a pillar of contemporary, enlightened populism in Britain and sensible conservatism in the US, though he has been assiduously kissing the undercarriage of the rulers of Beijing for years.”

“… Although his personality is generally quite agreeable, Mr Murdoch has no loyalty to anyone or anything except his company. He has difficulty keeping friendships; rarely keeps his word for long; … and has betrayed every political leader who ever helped him in any country, except Ronald Reagan and perhaps Tony Blair.”

Here speaks a disgraced tycoon who is about to return to jail to serve the remainder of his mail fraud sentence. Lord Black might be a master of wordplay but, as I’ve said previously, isn’t it time he just focused on his own woes?

Pandora Maxwell

Meanwhile, even the view of Pandora Maxwell, the former daughter-in-law of the pension plundering Robert Maxwell, has been sought. In the Daily Telegraph’s Mandrake she states that she was very  “concerned about how, since Maxwell died, Murdoch’s stranglehold on the British media tightened immeasurably.” Most arrogantly this woman, who happily enjoyed the spoils Captain Bob provided her with, concludes: “Competition is a healthy thing in the media and Bob actually enjoyed it. Murdoch, by contrast, always seems to want to wipe it out.” Here speaks a woman whose former husband failed to say very much when he was himself brought before parliament.

One could have never imagined that the empty vessels that are the Daily Star, Chris Bryant MP, Pandora Maxwell and Lord Black would end up united and batting for the same team.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this MP before. He should resign if the underpant story is true not because he is gay because he really should have known better. The camera never lies. Silly boy.

DarkAvenger said...

Has Christopher Meyer made a comment yet?

DarkAvenger said...

And what's Ann Widdecombe's view?

DarkAvenger said...

Where's Tony Blair on this? He and Murdoch were close.

Jamie Wooley said...

Chris Bryant is Labour's poster boy. They must be desperate.

Joe Jordan said...

An interesting list of things the Murdoch papers almost certainly printed.

I think, however, you miss the uniqueness of the situation; this isn’t just Murdoch’s enemies circling (although they probably are,) there is significant anger across the country, and criminal proceedings pending, not to mention the parliamentary hearings next week and the judge-led inquiry’s public hearings over the next year.

I'll grant you Murdoch hasn't yet been personally criminally implicated, but that hardly matters given the US' anti-bribery laws (which allow a US-based CEO to be charged with the bribery of one of his employees abroad.)

We haven’t heard the last of this at all, and the unsavoury nature of a few of the voices at the back isn’t going to slow this momentum.

Paul Cookmeister said...

We're all in this together, aren't we Dave?

Matthew Steeples said...

Apologies for the underpant picture but it was necessary to show Chris Bryant in the only setting he became famous.

Regarding comments, I don't think any of them have spoken on the subject yet other than Meyer who unsurprisingly is leaping to the defence of that hopeless organisation he used to run in the same way that he defended his wife's charitable activities. Surprise, surprise.

Joe: On the same basis, the Mail and Mirror are probably just as guilty. They ought to be investigated too.

Paul: Poor old Mr Cameron was only doing what poor old Mr Brown and Mr Blair and Mr Major and Mrs Thatcher before him have done. They all had to bow to the power of Citizen Kane.