Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Godly Lager

I first tried Nils Oscar God Lager with a Swedish friend who rightly extolled its virtues. It was a beer I’d never heard of or seen before but one that I was properly introduced to at the Taste of London more recently.

 Nils Oscar God Lager

Produced in one of the first microbreweries in Sweden, Nils Oscar God Lager is a multi-award winning beer that is unique in that the company that makes it control the entire lager brewing process. The brand owner, Karl-David Sundberg, owns the farm from where the grain comes and then malts it in his own malt house before brewing it himself too. The result is a straw coloured lager that has a piney palate with nutty notes. The taste is well balanced and refreshing.

Nils Oscar God Lager’s name takes that of Sundberg’s pioneering grandfather and combines it with “God” meaning “good.” Born in 1865 in Brändön, Nils Oscar was brought up on his family’s farm, Tärnö Manor, before travelling to America to study Business English in Chicago. In 1900 he returned to Sweden, married and set about improving the farm business. After several further periods living in America he finally settled back at Tärnö Manor in 1914. Remembered as an exceptionally good man, Nils Oscar God Lager is named in his honour.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” said Benjamin Franklin. I suspect he’d certainly have enjoyed Nils Oscar God Lager.

Buy Nils Oscar God Lager at Waitrose stores or online for £2 for a 330ml bottle at The Scandinavian Kitchen at

Nils Oscar God Lager will also be exhibiting at The Essex Spectacular on the 6th and 7th August at Barleylands Farm, Billericay. For more information see


Anonymous said...

Nils Oscar God lager is now available in these 2 fine Fullers Pubs - The Salutation Pub in Hammersmith & Plough Inn, Ealing.

Anonymous said...

I shall certainly buy this on my next visit to Waitrose. Thanks Matthew for the introduction.

Lukas Layfield said...

Is this beer available in Sainsbury's? I don't live near a Waitrose.

Céline said...

I'm so glad that you liked it!
I've worked for Nils-Oscar on festivals for several years, and they delivered to my pub for a while, so I'm happy that it's finally getting to UK.
And that God Lager gets recived as the "heavenly sent lager", instead of the "good lager"