Saturday, 23 July 2011

Made in Hacksville

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, newspapers whose actions haven’t yet been examined properly in the context of to the phone hacking scandal, are now resorting to monitoring Twitter accounts in order to get stories. Plainly the silly season has begun early this year.

In today’s Mail, an unnamed columnist reveals that the Conservative MP Brooks Newmark failed to attend a meeting about job losses in a postal depot in his constituency as he was too busy drinking on terrace of the House of Commons with his daughter and a star of E4’s Made in Chelsea show named Francis Boulle.

The photo Brooks Newmark MP sent to Twitter of himself and his daughter with Francis Boulle

Newmark was originally meant to attend the meeting about the postal depot at 8pm on the 14th July but cried off claiming “commitments at the House of Commons.” Naively, at 8.30pm on the same night though, he posted photos of him and his daughter with Boulle and then sent them to Twitter.

Constituents and postal workers were not impressed. Steve Knight, who runs Halstead's postal museum, commented: "If he was supping on the terraces at the Houses of Parliament that is a disgrace and is only to be expected from MPs who are not closely connected with communities. "

David Hume, the Mayor of Halstead, added: "I am disappointed he wasn’t at the meeting. I think it would have appropriate for our MP to be there."

Whilst the Daily Mail states that the reason for the meeting between Brooks and Boulle was held because the former’s daughter is a big fan of the show, Boulle, whose website promotes his links with The Givingtree Foundation, later “tweeted” that he’d: “Met @TweetBrooks last week and discussed the completion of the new primary school he built in Kigali, Rwanda.Greatstuff [sic].” If this is indeed true, this story is just another storm in a teacup.

Whatever else results from it, Harvard graduate Newmark has certainly learnt the perils of Twittering. He’s since removed the offending photo.

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