Saturday, 9 July 2011

Reinvigorating The House of Horeau

It’s often said: “It’s all in a name.” This principle definitely applied on this week’s edition of Fernando Peire’s The Restaurant Inspector, a programme I have written of previously.

Horeau's in Westham, East Sussex prior to Peire's makeover

Horeau’s in Westham was the only restaurant in the village, but also the only restaurant where no one knew how to pronounce the name. When asked what the place was called, one stated: “I think it is called Horrendous.”

Named after the owners Claude and Christine Horeau, this was a seafood restaurant close to the coast that served seventeen different types of seafood, was badly decorated and was originally the couple’s front room. The programme opened with a visit from Peire and a food critic where they found a “weirdo in the waiting room” who happened to be Mr Horeau himself, “the worst risotto ever” and a “lifeless” sea bass dish.

When taken through what Peire thought was wrong with the restaurant, unlike restaurateurs in previous episodes, the Horeaus were very willing to accept suggestions. They were happy to be guided and other than an initial reaction against changing the name, they participated willingly.

 The new look Simply Seafood

Renamed Simply Seafood, the restaurant was given new chairs, a refreshed look and a simpler menu. Customers reacted by saying that they liked that the name now “say’s what it is” and that the Horeaus are now running “a fantastic restaurant.”

Peire rightly points out that simplicity works in restaurants as it makes them appear professional and well run. Indeed it is. As da Vinci once commented: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Simply Seafood at Westham, 4 High Street, Westham, East Sussex, BN24 5LZ. Telephone: +44 (0) 1323 741037. For more information see

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Anonymous said...

Peire could do with visiting Geales on Chelsea Green. It's another fish restaurant that needs guidance.

John Wickes said...

Fernado would do well to visit The Sea Shell in Lisson Grove. It used to be fantastic but it has gone down hill. They need him.

Rebecca Jackson said...

I am addicted to The Restaurant Inspector. Even better than The Hotel Inspector.

Angela Clifton said...

Great piece on a great show. I wish they put more stuff on TV like this.

brett said...

I have driven past this place many times, but never actually gone inside. Since it appears it was a shambles before, I hope now that it does itself justice. I may even pop in.

manik hossain said...

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