Friday, 22 July 2011

Six for One

For just £6,000,000 an opportunity to purchase a property three times the size of Hong Kong and equivalent in size to the entirety of Kent has become available through Savills.

The Estancia Punta Del Agura in the Caucete and Jachal departments of San Juan Province in Argentina consists of 989,186 acres of land that supported 400 people until just after the Second World War. Now uninhabited, this vast estate is crossed by three main rivers and is currently having a road built though it that will ultimately connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and give access to the ports of Chile.

With great potential for development and currently owned by a “multi-national family,” the Estancia Punt Del Agura is said to be ideal for growing cash crops such as sugar beet, alfalfa, olives, vines and sunflowers as it is situated in one of the largest aquifers in Argentina.

Running parallel to the new road will be a new network of 132kv electricity lines. This will give the new owner potential for power offtake and also the ability to export any power produced on the property. With pilot tests complete for jatropha, castor beans and sugar beats, the estate also has the capability to produce biofuels and because of the abundant sunshine, solar panels are another potential income generator.

The World Heritage sites of of Ischigualasto Provincial Park and Talampaya National Park, along with the Estancias Jesuitas, a World Cultural Heritage site, are all within easy reach and whilst there are restrictions on property development, housing could certainly be built in certain areas alongside tourism related businesses.

Ken Jones of Savills comments: “This is probably the largest ring fenced freehold block of land to be offered for sale on the open market ever.”

For just £6 an acre, this truly is one of the bargains of the century.

For more information contact Ken Jones of Savills (L&P) Ltd on +44 (0) 20 7016 3712 or email


Lewis said...

David Cameron should buy it and send all the illegals of Britain to live there. It'd be far cheaper than keeping them here and they could work the land. A big fence is all that'd be required to keep them in.

A McCann Critic said...

Those McCanns should go there and get lost.