Monday, 18 July 2011

You're Hired!

Another series of The Apprentice is over and Tom Pellereau, an inventor, has been crowned the winner.

Tom Pellereau

Pellereau, who in being “hired” secured a £250,000 investment into a joint business partnership from Lord Sugar, was without doubt the best candidate.

As ever, the series featured some pretty wacky candiates who in the main made utter fools of themselves. Edna Agbarha will be memorable for being loud, rude and annoying whilst Vincent Disneur, who described himself as “a self confessed perfectionist,” will only be remembered for his fake tan. Susan Ma, one of the finalists, never knew when to shut up whilst Jim Eastwood could not stop using clich├ęs. Here was a group of people whose individual egos were bigger than their combined brain power.

This series lacked the Stuart “I’m a Brand” Baggs-like characters of previous years but in Pellereau, Sugar has found a talented man who has already achieved success in Wal-Mart with his Stylfile curved nail file in spite of being dyslexic. Here was a person who was so different to the other candidates. Here was a person who was polite and unassuming but intelligent.

It was good to see a “nice guy” emerge triumphant for once. I suspect there’ll be much more to come from this James Dyson like man.

To watch the final episode go to

Stuart Baggs is still claiming he’s The Brand. See more at

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Anonymous said...

Stuart Baggs was a tool.

A fan of Leon said...

My favourite was Leon. He had real charm.

DarkAvenger said...

The right man got the job. I'll be watching him now.

brett said...

Pretty sure it was going to be Tom all along. After all he was kept in the programme for something after losing all those times.

The fact that Tom won should signal that to be an "enterpreneur" you don't have to be a complete b*stard with boderline personality disorder. If it encourages more poeole to take up the mantle and decide that long term working relationships based on trust and honesty then I'll drink to that, rather than the narcissistic displays of Stuart Baggs the brand.