Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Class, Vodka & Shame

Marquis Vodka recently got some bad press in CLASS Magazine when it was featured on their “Page of Shame” in a piece by Ian Cameron. This page, in the past, has been accurate in their portrayal of brands like Brockmans Gin who they attacked for “not being a real gin” but I did feel their critique of Marquis Vodka was a little unfair. CLASS Magazine hadn’t actually tasted the product and their piece seemed to just be an attack on the fact that the 23-year old founder of the brand drives a Bentley and likes to party.

 Stuart Randall pictured with his Marquis Vodka Bentley

Vodka, I’ve always been told, should be tasteless, odourless and colourless. Composed primarily of water and ethanol with traces of impurities and flavourings, it is neutral spirit and one that can be made from a variety of ingredients such as grain, potatoes, soybeans, molasses, grapes, rice or sugar beets. It has even been known to be produced from byproducts of oil refining and wood pulp processing.

 The Marquis Vodka bottle

Marquis Vodka is made from hand selected rye grain from the Bialystok area of Poland. Cut with de-mineralised water from the country’s deepest aquifers to achieve 40% ABV, this is a vodka that has hints of black pepper to its taste. The resulting savoury flavour deservedly earnt the brand a gold medal at the 2011 International Spirits Challenge.

Described by the company as “decadent chrome artwork,” the distinctively dark Marquis bottle is similar in style to those of Belvedere and Grey Goose. Unlike those two however, it suggests that this is a vodka that’ll be enjoyed throughout the night and as such Randall has achieved listings in many a nightclub in Central London. Whilst not widely available in the retail sector to date, independent operators like Wine Rack and have all been early adopters.

Ian Cameron might do well to pay heed to Benjamin Franklin: “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” I’d suggest he taste Marquis Vodka as he may well revise his opinion.

Read CLASS magazine’s “Page of Shame” piece on Marquis Vodka at

Marquis Vodka is available at the Caviar House and through Wine Rack. Buy it online at where for a limited period a 70cl bottle with a free cocktail shaker is £28.99.

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Anonymous said...

Which bars stock Marquis in Mayfair? I'm off for drinks this evening and wouldn't mind giving it a go.

Alice Leigh said...

Do any stores sell this in Manchester or is it only sold online?

Deborah Cooper said...

Which clubs can I try this vodka at? Is it in Maggie's on Fulham Road or Whisky Mist or Boujis?

Anonymous said...

Marquis is available at Sketch in Mayfair, they have some amazing cocktails. It's also available at Maggie's and Boujis. I don't know about Manchester but probably...

brett said...

Definately worth a crack. I'm not much of a fan of Vodka, but it might be worth exploring this one - just for the bottle which looks awesome.

Richard Jay said...

Great packaging. Very stylish. I shall try it out but they don't have it in my local Sainsbury's (I did ask).

Anonymous said...

The Marquis Vodka brand was originally created by Erik Norgaard a co-founder of NGB International Spirits llc.

Made to be the highest quality vodka that could be found at the time.