Friday, 26 August 2011

A classical Ratnerism

At first it seemed Katherine Jenkins was having a Gerald Ratner-esque moment today when she urged her fans not to buy her own music.

 Katherine Jenkins

In a series of Tweets, Jenkins stated she didn’t want them to “feel conned” by her old record label, Universal, who are re-releasing “stuff you already have.”

Universal originally signed a six-album deal with the classical star worth a reported £1,000,000 after she was voted Face of Wales in 2000. With them she had a resoundingly successful rise to fame but the day after her sixth album debuted in October 2008, Jenkins defected to Warner Music as part of a £5,800,000 deal.

Now, just as Jenkins prepares to bring out Daydream on her new label, Universal have opted to cash in by issuing, as is there right, a compilation on the same day named One Fine Day.

Most wouldn’t think this an issue (as surely she earns from both) but Jenkins took umbrage and told her fans “#DontBuyOneFineDay.”

The cynic in me asks, was this Twittering really an altruistic move on Jenkins part or instead a clever stunt by this Welshwoman and her management to garner more sales for the forthcoming album? Either way, she’s got the publicity she plainly sought and either way her music is still excellent.

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Anonymous said...

She's hardly got The Voice of An Angel. Give me Charlotte "Get Me A Pint" Church any day of the week over this bint.