Thursday, 11 August 2011

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

In recent days I’ve had occasion to help a friend write a letter complaining about the ludicrous state of the British railway system in general and Southern Trains in particular. I was also asked to send a note on behalf of another friend to a pizza company. Both complaints have made me think about how companies deal with customers when things go wrong.

Firezza is a pizza delivery service that I do actually think is far better than its rivals. With branches in Battersea, Wandsworth, Islington & The City, Chiswick, Herne Hill, Notting Hill, Chelsea, Crouch End, Willesden Green and Canary Wharf they’ve pretty much got the whole of Central and West London covered and are a company that supply pizzas that “don’t taste like normal takeaways.”

A mighty gorgonzola, pepperoni, red onion, fresh chilli, tomato and mozarella pizza from Firezza

Offering Neopolitan style pizza made in wood fired ovens, Firezza’s range is certainly not the cheapest with prices ranging from £7.50 for a ¼m margherita up to £13.40 for a 12” five meat pizza but they are made with quality ingredients and are consistently good. What also sets the company apart is that they often have special deals and mostly deliver quickly and without error.

On this basis, when a friend was hungry whilst at my home last Thursday afternoon, I suggested he call Firezza when they opened at 5pm. I found a voucher called the “Firezza Fiver” which offered £5 discount and he placed his order. Instead of getting a discount he ended up paying more than expected.

Naturally this caused annoyance but the fact that the pizza was also cold didn’t help either. We called Firezza and were given an email address to write to which I duly did. In my letter I specifically pointed out the issue of the incorrect pricing and the cold pizza.

Firezza's standard reply

No reply was received to that email but then in my hall yesterday I found an unaddressed envelope containing a standard letter to “Dear Firezza Customer” that stated “because of the high number of orders, we were unable to deliver your order on time.” I can’t imagine any pizza delivery service can have been busy at 5pm and as I hadn’t complained about how long the service took I was rather bemused.

Assuming that this was just their standard response to any complaint, I called and accepted the offer of a free pizza. That they bothered to reply showed the company had taken the complaint seriously but I’d argue that if Firezza want to retain their position as an operation The Sunday Times has commended as “London’s smartest pizza company,” they learn to write to address individual issues on an individual basis rather than use standard letters and unaddressed envelopes.

After all, surely this fine pizza company doesn’t want to end up being put in the same category as Southern Trains for customer relations.

To order from Firezza go to


Anonymous said...

I love the pizzas from Firezza too. Much better than anything else I've had delivered. Always on time and always great value.

Michael Ezra said...

On the subject of strange delivery policies, I am reminded of something that once happened to me at a local sushi restaurant. I detailed the sorry saga on a blog post:

Edin Basic said...

Matthew, I am glad that you understood the reason behind bad service on this particular day. Here is full explanation:


I am sorry hear that you were unhappy with your recent experience. There are two parts in your blog which I would like to cover:

1. Cold pizza received

The reason why this happened on that particular day is that we introduced new offer valid only on that day. This was promoted by SMS campaign sent at 5pm. As soon as we sent SMS campaign, we received large number of orders in usually our quiet time (5-7pm). We were under staffed with delivery drivers and pizza was waiting to be picked up getting cold. We did try our best but hey, we under estimated a response for this offer and learn it the hard way. We received 5 times more orders than normal between the hours of 5-7pm. Going forward-there is full staff next week same promotion day from 5pm. We will not do the same mistake again.

2. The letter you received is actually not connected with your feedback. We at Firezza try to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. We recently achieved this in London recognised by PAPA industry award. We try very hard to get all deliveries within 30 minutes. That is the reason why we send letters every Monday to all our customers who received delivery over 45 minutes which we think its unacceptable. This is just one of our customer care initiatives saying sorry and rewarding regulars for waiting longer then we would like.

I am happy to see that you value Firezza high and I take this as constructive criticism in order to improve our service and customer care. Thanks for letting us know, many people do not do that, they just stop ordering. As a gesture of good will and to thank you for taking time and trouble writing about your experience, here is free ∏ metre pizza for you whenever you like to order.

If you wish to accept this offer, please reply to me with your full address and the phone number you wish to use when calling for the order.


Edin Basic-Founder

Support Centre:
Firezza Limited
12, All Saint's Road
Notting Hill
London W11 1HH

T: 020 7221 0020
M: 07725 799 335
F: 020 7243 8178

WINNER Regional pizza delivery chain 2010-(PAPA industry award)

“A clear class above most pizza” – and they deliver!; you can order by the 1/2 metre from this “brilliant” chain, which uses “plentiful” and “good-quality” ingredients..." (HARDEN's 2011)

"London's smartest pizza delivery company " (Sunday Times)

Jason said...

Mr Basic: It is good to see that you take customer service seriously but I would suggest you write to customers on a case by case basis. As Matt says, you aren't Southern Trains and I certainly hope you're not like Domino's. If I lived in Central London, I would try your pizzas but sadly as I don't, I can't.

Olivia Pizza said...

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krysty1 said...

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