Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hacked off

“Inspiring, motivating and brilliant” are not the words that spring to mind when someone mentions Heather Mills (McCartney). Her website, though, champions her as such and some of those who endorse her are even more surprising.

Heather Mills (McCartney)

When I learnt that Mills was claiming she was a “victim” of phone hacking, I didn’t think “poor woman” or “oh what a tragedy.” Like many, I have to admit, I thought “goodness, why give her the air space?” If indeed she was hacked, I’d argue the perpetrator deserves a medal for having had to listen to the nonsense she no doubt spouted.

Boycotting J. Crew or trying to ban people wearing fur, championing vegetarianism or throwing a jug of water over Fiona Shackleton, Mills simply cannot help herself. Every media appearance makes her more loathed and the public disgust becomes more deserved with each and every outing.

Mills is indeed the only person I’ve ever met who is worse in reality than the media portray her. At a reception at the Hyde Park Barracks some years ago she threw a temper tantrum when the paparazzi came close to her as she arrived. The minute she spotted a soldier, however, she demanded someone photograph her with him. The hypocrisy of this woman knows no bounds.

On Mills’ personal website Hilary Clinton desrcribes her as “extraordinary” and Richard Branson says “he’d kill for her.” Goodness knows what persuaded them to come out with such claptrap.

To experience more of Heather’s publicity campaign (if you must) go to http://www.heathermills.org


Anonymous said...

Is she the sister of Catherine Meyer? They look and sound remarkably similar.

Euan Roads said...

I cannot believe that someone actually dislikes this gem of a woman.

Douglas Leigh said...

Heather used to hang out in Motcomb's. What she got up to there was well known locally.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has known Mills before her marriage to Mck , would well remember her manipulative tactics, unashamed gold digging and sleazy endeavors, ranging from posing semi or naked and " escorting" wealthy Middle Eastern men.
She is a survivor and hard as nails, and managed quite a remarkable image and reputation remake.

Anonymous said...

Someone should hack her head off or send her to care for Gadaffi in his final days.