Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rats and Billionaire Brats

Yesterday on the Isle of Wight I met a man who had a most bizarre take on the riots that have swept the UK.

Our conversation went somewhat as follows:

A: “These looters: I’ve got a theory.”
Me: “So what is that?”
A: “The rat theory.”
Me: “Oh…”
A: “They overpopulate and then they kill each other. That’s what they’re doing. That’s why I never go near London.”
Me: “But they’re not killing people. They’re, erm, burning buildings and nicking games consoles and Primark clothing.”
A: “But they’re all different types of rats. Crawl out of different holes. You’ll see. They’ll soon be killing: the rat theory.”

Earlier in the day a friend sent me a text stating: “Whilst the Arab world riots for freedom, the Brits riot for SONY televisions.” My friend was spot on in his point.

A "hoodie" attacks a police car

Whilst our press talk of these rioters being “minorities,” I don’t believe such. They are “Aggressive Shoppers” who chuck bottles and bricks whilst wearing Kappa and grabbing free mobiles. They attack the police, rampage and do not have a care for the innocent shopkeepers and homeowners they terrorise. They are thoroughly abhorrent individuals who don’t riot for their rights but for the fun of it. As Margaret Thatcher once pointed out, rights and responsibilities are interlinked and this lot should be shown no mercy by the courts.

On my long train journey home I had ample chance to reflect on what had happened as I read the Evening Standard cover to cover. Page after page related the impact of London burning, Manchester rioting and Wolverhampton being plundered. Curiously however, pages 24 and 25 related the tale of a totally different life: that of the 19-year-old daughter of a Russian billionaire being given a “relatively modest home.”

In the piece by Alistair Foster entitled Abramovich girl’s £4m ‘starter home’, the paper quoted the owner of Chelsea Football Club’s daughter:

Anna Abramovich

“It’s my own little haven. I feel more grown up and I can’t wait to entertain all my friends round my own place. It is just the way I like it.”

The article continued: “She added that she is furthering her own independence by paying for her own driving lessons.”

Comments like these only illustrate how far apart such individuals as Miss Abramovich are from ordinary reality. As this billionaire brat moves into her multi-million pound property, London and other cities burn leaving innocent people without their income and their homes.

It would have been far better that this young lady kept stum and moved in quietly. Whilst no one can blame the Abramovich family for housing their daughter, broadcasting her unnecessarily pretentious remarks about her multi-million pound lifestyle at this time can only spur further envy and encourage yet more uproar amongst the rioting masses.

Read Michael Ezra’s view at where he argues that youth clubs are cheaper than prisons.


RocktheCasbah82 said...

Lets get the Pied Piper to lead the rats out of the beautiful city of London which I am proud to call home.
Besides naming and shaming them, tougher sentences should be put in place rather than a no good ASBO which is more like a slap on the wrist.

RocktheCasbah82 said...

Lets get the Pied Piper to lead the rats out of the beautiful city of London which I am proud to call home.
Besides naming and shaming them, tougher sentences should be put in place rather than a no good ASBO which is more like a slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

The Rat Theory is quite right. These rats may have begun with a bit of looting but next they'll rebel even more. All those threatening water canons etc are only going to make them more angry. Slowly poisoning them is the only solution or as RocktheCasbah82 says, ead them to water and drown them.

Anonymous said...

The real rats are the Russian criminal peasants like Abramovich and his ugly daughter (gosh she is hideous looking) who usurped the wealth of others - usually with a shotgun next to the heads of the victims who were told to "sign the contract".

Pity the Afghans didn't finish this lot off...

Jason said...

Surprised Christopher Meyer hasn't had a much deserved reference in this piece.

Where has he gone? Like all rats, has he gone to ground or has the Pied Piper done his best?

ChristineB said...

Yes, but dear your introduction to your blog can also be read as so-what pretentious because a) its doesn't help explain your thoughts if you live in Knightbridge b) no everybody can get passed c) Im glad Im not the only one who had to pay for my own driving lessons (on a more ironical note)

Anonymous said...

Well I think the system should work on the social gaps, to safe people - to not make them rats, and this is the only way to protect yourself, by being human, not only to yourself and your friends, but to those who can not afford it. Ripping off people by paying too low salaries, well that you can not even afford a Sony or more elementary things...? and making them stupid by a surplus of unnecessary & overwhelming advertising, well, yes, rats needs to be educated, but unfortunately this is hard to afford for many people, too? And even if they have studied, most end up serving at Starbucks, because there are just no jobs - but instead lots of advertising, still, that influences you to consume, but you just can't. Yes a simple mind is the best indicator for a "common wealth". All this is a wrong orientation in life, either for rats or for billionaires. It is time to start focusing on more important things than corporations and consuming. But how can we even get out of this all?

thedailyheil said...

Something tells me that you never studied sociology. Something else tells me that your parents spent vast amounts of money on your education. Another something tells me that, despite your obvious contempt for these (poor) rioters, you harbour no such sentiments towards the Bullingdon Club (of which David Cameron and Boris Johnson were once members) and their restaurant-smashing antics. But I wouldn't to accuse you of class prejudice...not when you're already so dim-witted and self-parodic, anyway.

As Margaret Thatcher also pointed out, there is no society, and therefore no reason to give a damn how "innocent shopkeepers and homeowners" feel. Try picking better political idols next time you try to write.

Matthew Steeples said...

1. You are correct. Sociology didn't happen to be something I studied but nor did I study surfing or media studies. Your point is?
2. My parents did not "pay" for my education. I am sure that'll surprise you but that is a fact.
3. The Bullingdon Club has had no impact on my life. I guess it really upsets you that you were either not allowed to be a member or, if that isn't the case, you hate it so much. I have no views either way and no opinion on the club either.
4. "Class prejeudice... dim-witted... self-parodic" - OK - May I ask what you are? Call me what you want, but it would be useful to understand whether you are a supporter, yourself, of John Bercow or John Prescott. Intelligence about such would enlighten us all.
5. Lady Thatcher - I could have guessed you'd throw her into the mix. How predictable. Here's her quote in full for you to enjoy:

"They're casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It's our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour. People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations, because there is no such thing as an entitlement unless someone has first met an obligation."

Context is something you've avoided in your response so perhaps that might have cleared that up.

viv said...

Trouble is many of those young hoodies will never have seen the inside of a prison before and will learn so much at crime school as they idle away their hours, all at tax payers expense.

Rather than harsh prison sentences, it would have done them much more good to do some hard labour rebuilding the cities they helped to destroy, and thereby helping tax payers. Keep them so busy they are not in a crime academy but a how to do some hard work and payback academy. And if they do not turn up for their community punishment, well then ruin them for good and lock them up. It should always be a last resort for the most dangerous and the ones we just cannot save.

As for the young Russian lady moving into her four million pad, our Society has always been one of the haves and the have nots, but at least we could teach them how to work and earn some cash, even if they never will catch her up!

When the average layabout comes out of prison he thinks he has a reason to be lazy and nasty to others. Why give it them on a plate?

Harry Jackson said...

thedailyheil - Were you educated at all yourself? Do you have a mighty chip on your shoulder? Are you mourning the death of Socialism? Why do you hide behind a pseudo?