Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fire up the Quattro

I have previously written of the Firezza pizza delivery service at

Last night, true to the quality operation that they are, this company again showed itself to be super efficient and friendly and I thought I’d briefly detail how impressed I was.

At around 9pm, probably their busiest time, on a damp autumnal evening, I went to the Firezza website as my friend fancied a pizza. There was an offer relating to placing an order from a mobile phone that would result in a 25% discount. After being unable to use this (probably due to my own inept understanding of all things telephonic), I called the Chelsea branch instead and explained that I couldn’t get this to work.

“No problem, sir,” came the response. “We know you’re a regular customer and we understand that there is a problem when it comes to typing in your particular postcode” (my home is within their delivery area, but for some reason my postcode falls outside it) “… and of course, we’ll honour the discount.”

 DCI Gene Hunt and his Quattro

Less than 30 minutes later, a bottle of perfectly good and more importantly perfectly chilled Pinot Grigio arrived with a 4 Stagioni (Italian classic-four season pizza with separate sections of artichokes, prosciuutto cotto ham, pepperoni and fresh mushrooms on a tomato and mozzarella base) with a bill for just £17.47. Even if it had bad been full price, it would have just been £5.83 more. DCI Gene Hunt couldn’t have done any better himself.

Next time you’re feeling peckish and don’t fancy cooking or you have a group over for a party, I’d definitely recommend firing up the Quattro and ordering a 4 Stagioni from Firezza: a pizza delivery service I’d truly recommend.

To order from Firezza go to

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Peter Jackson said...

You've decided what I'll be ordering for my hangover cure lunch Da Steeps!

Anonymous said...

The best pizza delivery service by far.

Mrs Taylor said...

The reason I now order from Firezza:

1. Great pizza.
2. The best pizza I've had delivered.
3. Fast service.
4. Great offers.
5. Polite staff.

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