Sunday, 23 October 2011

He was a wise man who invented beer

I first came across Viru, an Estonian pilsner beer, back in 2008 at The Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel. I was immediately impressed by the octagonal pyramidal shape of the bottle but it was most definitely the crisp, hoppy taste that made me come to start calling for it at the bars I regularly visit.

Viru's impressive bottle

Winner of a silver medal in the 2011 International Beer Challenge, Viru is brewed with Lithuanian malted barley, aromatic Saaz hops and artesian spring water. At 5% ABV, this pale lager is an easy to drink premium beer and as a result can be found in smart bars such as the St. James’s Hotel & Club and The Lanesborough.

Originally the brand took the name of “Virumaa” but this was changed prior to launch in the UK in 2006. The word “Viru” itself is a traditional name for an area of land on the Baltic coast that was inhabited by Vironians, a Finnic tribe that later formed the Estonian nation.

If you like beer, you should definitely add Viru to your “must try” list.

For more information on Viru see:

Buy Viru from for £1.35 for a 300ml bottle at:


Ed Stopley said...

I am always willing to try new beers. Could you perhaps give me some suggestions of other places I could try this in Central London that are a little more low key that the hotels you mention? We're not all made of €£$!

Anonymous said...

You're paid to write these puff-pieces right? Don't you think you should declare that fact?

Matthew Steeples said...

Anonymous: I am most certainly NOT paid to write anything. I write about what I like and dislike.

I am a fan of Viru and for that reason that is why I've written this piece.

I think the brand deserves to be more widely known.