Sunday, 9 October 2011

Maxed Out

Today’s News of the World Online repeats yet another story that has done the rounds too many times already. Previously, I reported the same title’s ludicrous allegations that Arnold Schwarzenegger murdered Lord Lucan and their new claim this morning that Robert Maxwell was killed by Mossad does seem equally ridiculous.

The Bouncing Czech, Robert Maxwell (1923-1991)

When the fraudster Maxwell fell off his gin palace, the Lady Ghislaine, in 1991 the ensuing revelations revealed him as a man who had plundered the Mirror Group to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds. On that fateful night, who knows what really occurred, but whatever really caused this giant bully to fall overboard and float away was certainly his easy way out.

The Lady Ghislaine

I’ve read allegations that “Cap’n Bob” had a body double and fled for a new life (most probably with Shergar and Lord Lucan himself) and I’ve heard allegations that he killed himself. I’ve also seen the coroner’s findings that “The Bouncing Czech” simply had a heart attack and fell overboard. The latter seems most likely. Whatever really happened, this was simply a man who knew his “game” was up. His empire was collapsing. His cohorts were deserting him and he knew he was heading for jail.

 Cap'n Bob aboard the Lady Ghislaine: "Are we rich yet?"

Today the News of the World Online attempts to suggest that Mossad agents came upon Maxwell and injected him with “a lethal nerve agent developed by a biological research institute in Tel Aviv” before lowering him into the sea. Where is their proof?

As Boris Johnson would say, this most definitely seems like yet another “Pyramid of Piffle.” It is time these silly stories were laid to rest.

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Anonymous said...

Robert Maxwell is alive and well and sat at a bar in Cancun laughing his head off. Of course he had a body double.

Anonymous said...

Bob was LARGE. Full bloody stop.

Robin F said...

Cap'n Bob was a spy at one point so this theory is quite possibly based on something sensible!!!!!!! However, as it comes from Giovanni di Stefano it is probably utter bloody bollocks!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Colonel Gaddafi is now with him.

DarkAvenger said...

Wasn't he also known as Bouncin Bob?