Saturday, 22 October 2011

Where there’s tea, there’s hope

I was recently sent a selection of teas by the PR for Numi Organic Tea and have now had ample opportunity to sample a wide selection of them with friends.

Numi is a company based in Oakland, California that was established by brother and sister duo Ahmed and Reem Ramin in 1999 with the aim of bringing quality artisan organic and Fairtrade teas to the masses. Made with blends of real fruits and organic leaves, these are premium teas that have now launched in the UK through and Whole Foods. Prices are reasonable at around £3 for 18 sachets and as such Numi’s teas represent a good opportunity for those looking to try something different to move up from the likes of Twinings and Whittard.

 Numi's Aged Earl Grey Italian Bergamot Black Tea

An instant hit for me was Numi’s Aged Earl Grey Italian Bergamot Black Tea which combines Assam black tea with real bergamot oranges. The resulting taste is fruity but not overpowering and as a result the tea is as enjoyable with milk as it is by itself.

For an afternoon tea, I found Numi’s Organic Velvet Garden White Rose Tea most enjoyable. This is a tea that combines notes of roses with smooth white tea and one that is delicate and fragrant in taste.

 Numi's Chocolate Pureh Tea

Numi also produce a range of Pureh teas. These are teas that are packed with antioxidants and aimed at those looking to detox. Of the four varieties, an instant hit with chocolate loving friends was the Chocolate Pureh. This blend of an earthy black tea, whole vanilla beans, sweet orange peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and organic cocoa nibs has a spicy finish and a velvety, chocolate aroma.

My only real criticism of Numi is their packaging. Numi’s branding has plainly been styled for the American market but to their credit, though I dislike the look, the boxes and sachets do clearly describe how to make “the perfect cup” in a concise, user friendly manner.

C.S. Lewis once said: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” I’d definitely say, for it’s price point, Numi’s Earl Grey, for me, would fit into that quote just perfectly.

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Betty Hibbs said...

I shall seek this tea out with interest. It sounds like it is good value. Do they sell it in Sainsbury's or Tesco?

Anonymous said...

Get the kettle on Da Steeps!

Dark Avenger said...

I have also enjoyed some Numi tea. I confess that it was served to me by Matthew Steeples himself. The one I like is "Rainforest Green, Maté Lemon Myrtle Green Tea." Given the price, the taste is good. I particularly like the lemon hint within the tea.

My complaint is as follows: on the packaging, it says that for the "perfect cup," the tea should be steeped for "4-6 minutes." However, on the tag at the end of the piece of string attached to the tea bag, it says, "Steep: 2-3 minutes." The company should not be as sloppy as this. If anyone from NUMI is reading this, I should be grateful if they would let me know what is the correct steeping time.