Friday, 25 November 2011

Cocktails at the top of the city

The London Hilton on Park Lane is a hotel that has aroused much controversy since its completion in 1963. This 331ft tower was bombed by the IRA in 1975 and described by many as an “insensitive intrusion” on Hyde Park. The Queen is said to have opposed its construction and has never visited but to others the building of this 453 room hotel marked a milestone in improving standards in terms of accommodation.

 The London Hilton on Park Lane

For many years the building was notorious as a seedy pickup joint but in recent years improvements to the bars and restaurants have resulted in an altogether more salubrious atmosphere.  

 The view eastwards from the London Hilton on Park Lane towards the Millennium Wheel, the city and Canary Wharf beyond

Managed by Marco Ercolano, the Hilton’s 28th floor bar forms part of the Michelin starred Galvin at Windows restaurant. With impressive views extending towards the Millennium Wheel, Battersea Power Station, the BT Tower and The Gherkin, Galvin at Windows is amongst London’s few drinking spots that can offer a truly special view of the city.

 The Galvin Garden cocktail

The bar has recently launched a new cocktail named the “Galvin Garden” that combines Bloom Gin, St Germain, apple juice, peach bitters and muddled cucumber. Priced at £13.50, this is a cocktail that is refreshing and enjoyable and well worth taking the lift to the 28th floor for.

Galvin at Windows, 22 Park Lane, London, W1K 1BE. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7208 4021. Website:


Anonymous said...

I recall Sally Farmiloe having an incident in the car park during a ball with Jeffrey Archer.

More recently, Annie Lennox got evacuated along with when the hotel was on fire.

A most odd hotel.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous views and tremendous cocktails. You see it all up there.

Dark Avenger said...

The view from Windows is certainly magnificent and there is something wonderful about the place, but, for cocktails, and in the same building, and as sleazy as it is, you can't beat Trader Vic's.

Anonymous said...

The Queen is right. That hotel is a monsterous carbuncle.