Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Conveniently reformed

In an interview in this morning’s Telegraph, the evangelical Christian Lord Taylor of Warwick gives a bizarre tale of his time in jail.

John Taylor, Baron Taylor of Warwick

Taylor, a former lawyer, judge, television presenter and failed Conservative candidate, was jailed earlier this year for six offences of fraudulently claiming more than £11,000 in overnight subsistence and mileage expenses. This dishonest peer was sentenced to 12 months in May 2011 but was released after just 3 months. He is now subject to a home detention scheme that prevents him leaving his home after 7.15pm each night. Instead of showing the decency to fade into obscurity, Taylor has now decided to declare that he “has a role to play.”

Highlighting his intention to boldly stride back into the House of Lords next May, Taylor ignores the public revulsion towards his thievery and states:

“When I was being led in to the sweat box (the cell in the prison van) there a black jailer who was putting me in and he looked at me and recognised me and his eyes were just moist and he said, ‘No man, this is not for you’. I think he felt worse than I did… I thought, ‘This is surreal’.”

In Robert Winnett’s interview, Taylor paints a most rosy picture of his incarceration. We learn of how he became friends with his cellmate, the former Labour MP and convicted fraudster Elliot Morley. Taylor tells of how his fellow prisoners gave him a “welcoming reception” and generously regales us by informing that he “no issue” with cleaning the prison toilets.

Now, he adds, it is “surely” his right to return and claim expenses again. Taylor justifies this suggestion by bringing in David Cameron who he says: “… is always saying that we should be allowed a second chance.” Somehow, though, it seems highly unlikely that the Prime Minister will welcome him with open arms and if he were to, the era of “moat gate” would come back to bite him like the ghost of Banquo.

To my mind, it seems that Taylor is utterly lacking in humblesse. Here is a man spinning a PR line in a hope to start yet another career but here also is a man who, unlike Jeffrey Archer before him, lacks the ability to weave a convincing yarn.

Lord Archer most certainly “learnt a lot in prison.” One would have thought Lord Taylor might have studied how he behaved before giving this extraordinarily pompous interview.

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Anonymous said...

Ludicrous. He should have been sent off to do hard labour. It is shocking that he has got away with this with just 3 months in some cushy number.

Carl Thomas said...

Is this man for real? Why can't they ban him?

Anonymous said...

Sickening self entitlement.