Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Don’t believe everything that you read in the newspapers

As James Murdoch prepares for another outing in front of MPs on Thursday, the issue of intrusion by newspapers in general and who controls them again raises its ugly head.

 James Murdoch

The Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks in particular have been held singlehandedly responsible for this scandal in the public eye but MPs should really change their tack and realise that it is not News International alone who are guilty on this score. They, themselves, by their lack of action on regulation have utterly failed us, the public.

 Rebekah Brooks

The case of the school teacher Chris Jefferies is indicative of the appalling manner in which papers that included the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Star, the Daily Mail, the Scotsman, the Daily Record and the Daily Express have also acted of late and the only paper who has begun to take the matter of apologising seriously is in fact the little read Independent, who sensibly now devote an entire section to corrections.

 Chris Jefferies

Despite David Cameron’s statement back in July about the dissolution of the Press Complaints Commission, that hopeless poodle is still in existence. The PCC is not what is required right now: this country actually needs a body with power who can punish those papers who continue to operate in such devious ways.

Whatever happens to James Murdoch when he appears before a toothless bunch of MPs, it really is essential that all newspaper proprietors get their houses in order and it really is time that the government founded a body capable of regulating them properly.

Read the Independent’s corrections section at: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/corrections


John Varney said...

You really don't like the PCC, do you?

Anonymous said...

I think he just doesn't like Chris Meyer and his wife.

Rachel Waterson said...

Does anyone like them?