Monday, 21 November 2011

Has Tarzan lost the plot?

“I think we will join the Euro,” commented Lord Heseltine in a BBC interview yesterday. Several days earlier, speaking to the Conservative China Group, this out-of-touch politician argued:

We made a great mistake in not joining the euro… It would have been good for Britain… All my political life, we have suffered in this country from a vile disease called inflation… Every government, regardless of political stripe, takes the soft option and devalues our currency. If we had joined the euro, the Germans would have forced us to be more competitive. I am telling you this country needs to become more like Germany. We should still join the euro."

The Right Honourable Lord Heseltine CH PC

As the weak link eurozone countries suffer and their governments fall, the remarks of Heseltine, a man best remembered for “stabbing Margaret Thatcher in the front,” seem utterly ludicrous. Tory MP Douglas Carswell sensibly responded by describing the comments as “delusional” and argued that the Prime Minister should listen to: “New Tory MPs with innovative ideas” instead of “a throwback to the 1950s.”

Wolfgang Schäuble

Amazingly, it seems, Heseltine is not alone in his belief. Earlier in the week Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance, suggested that the euro will still eventually become the common currency of the entire European Union. Of Britain, in particular, he stated his “respect” to keep the pound but added that non-members will ultimately be forced to join: “This may happen more quickly than some people in the British Isles currently believe.”

 Nigel Farrage MEP

On the 16th November, Nigel Farrage MEP, the leader of UKIP, though, gave a passionate speech to the European Parliament in which he claimed that: “By any objective measure the Euro is a failure… It’s getting like an Agatha Christie novel.” He is utterly right. Lord Heseltine should retire to his arboretum and share his views with his plants. They might actually be the only ones prepared to listen.

The words of the 1991 Chumbawumba song Mr Heseltine Meets His Public seem particularly relevant to this story: “Mr. Heseltine I’ve made up my mind, I’ll never give support to you and your kind.”

Watch Nigel Farrage’s speech to the European Parliament at:

Listen to Chumbawumba’s “Mr Heseltine Meets His Public” at:


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What a bullying control freak this buyer of his own furniture is. It's all about keeping himself in the public eye. Stupid old madjob.

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