Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nabbing the Mensch

Louise Mensch is an MP who frankly loves the limelight so much that all she seems to think about is being centre-stage. It doesn’t matter whether it involves a “Twitter war” or an issue of national importance, all Mensch cares about is being at the forefront.

Ms. Mensch is a woman who wrote “chick lit” before she became a Member of Parliament, but this is also an individual who is sadly fast becoming the Sally Bercow of the Tory Party. Though I’ve had reasonable dialogue with her in the past, of late Mensch is frankly turning herself into nothing other than a silly media circus.

 Louise Mensch MP prefaces her question to James Murdoch with talk of her kids

Last weekend the Member of Parliament for Corby and East Northamptonshire talked of how she uses revealing outfits to pleasure her husband. Today, when she was meant to be questioning James Murdoch on phone hacking, she prefaced it with her “excuse” of having to leave early to collect her kids from school. Surely, knowing weeks in advance that she’d have to sit on this highly important committee, this highly paid MP could have got someone else to collect them. Being Mensch, of course, she had to make a scene instead.

 Sir Gerald Nabarro MP and his legendary moustache

In years gone by, the Tories had legendary battleaxes like the “squawking parrot” Dame Elaine Kellett-Bowman, whom I personally recall couldn’t even write a cheque and whom drove around with rusting cans full of petrol in the back of her Morris Minor. The party also had self-made oddities like Sir Gerald Nabarro, who my good friend Christine Hamilton “wept” for as he was fined for driving the wrong way round a roundabout back in 1971 in an expensive car with the number plate “NAB 1.”  Now the Tories just have an “eccentric” wing that is sadly actually nothing other than dull.

 The infamous NAB 1

Mensch is not alone in her crusade to dominate the deluge of mediocre fools who the Conservatives sadly describe as their backbench “characters.” First, we have Nadine Dorries, the MP for Mid Bedfordshire, a woman who stormed out of the Commons chamber when David Cameron described her as “extremely frustrated.” Then we have Charlotte Leslie, the MP for Bristol West, a woman who thought life under Labour was like the part of Ghost where Patrick Swayze tries to throw a mug at the man who killed him, but he can't, because he's a ghost. Here, indeed, I’d suggest, is a case of nothing other than: “When shall we three meet again?”

Louise Mensch, though, tops the list of ridiculousness after her shocking performance today. If Mensch is an MP who wants to be taken seriously, she should have used her legitimate expense allowance for just one morning and put in a call to Mary Poppins and “nabbed” a decent questioning of James Murdoch.

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Anonymous said...

She needs to nab off.

Anonymous said...

Mensch the Wench: she reminds me of Heather Mills.

Carl Thomas said...

Is this woman for real?

Rachel Waterson said...

I like Louise Mensch. She was very cool in GQ. At least she doesn't go in for all that women's lib rubbish.