Thursday, 10 November 2011

No defence needed

I’m not normally one for “energy drinks.” I loathe the smell of Red Bull and having heard all the bad stories about that brand have never even tasted it. When, therefore, I was told about Alibi, which is described as “the original pretox drink,” I was naturally skeptical. I needn’t have been.

Alibi, which is priced at circa £1.45 a can, categorises itself as a “functional drink” and comes in citrus and pomegranate flavours. It is most refreshing, somewhat bubbly and the closest thing it could be compared to would be Berocca. Containing no artificial additives, caffeine or stimulants, Alibi is high in levels of nutrients, natural fruit ingredients and spring water and is as easy to drink as much as it is healthy.

Alibi: Original Citrus and Pomegranate flavours

The creator of the brand, an entrepreneur named Oliver Bolton, developed Alibi as a “light nutritional refreshment for any time of the day” and one that “prepares the body in advance for what life throws at it.” His premise was that traditional energy drinks give a sugar-laden hit followed by a crash and that detox drinks deal with toxins after and so instead he sought to create something that prepared instead of reacted.

Alibi, as a result, is a blend of 10 essential vitamins including vitamins that help release the energy from food, minerals such as Potassium and Calcium to assist with hydration and herbs that maintain liver function and promote toxin elimination.

The taste, I’d argue, is delicious and though I would suggest that those who drink Alibi before downing 18 pints of Grolsch will find they’ll still have a hangover, this is a drink that I thought had a most pleasant taste and was as equally enjoyable mixed as it was over ice.

Alibi is a drink that, for me, stands up on the taste test: no defence needed.

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Anonymous said...

Sound like good stuff but a little expensive.

Anonymous said...

I've tried Alibi before, I think it's amazing!