Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Single-handedly stupid

Westminster Council currently allow visitors to park on single yellow lines for free on Sundays and after 6.30pm on weekdays. This is a scheme that encourages people into the West End at nights and to shop on a Sunday. As a result, retailers, restaurants and those visiting people living in the locality all benefit. In summary: it a system that works.

Meddling Tory councilors, however, feel otherwise and have decided to deal yet another blow to business during this time of economic slump by imposing charges of up to £4.80 an hour at its meters for this period and removing the right to park on single yellow lines until 11pm. In an effort to rake in more cash, they have chosen to ignore the majority and one that includes the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Mayor of London: Boris Johnson

A campaign spearheaded by Mount Street estate agent Peter Wetherell is underway to try and stop what detractors call the “barking parking” plans. It has the support of everyone from Lord Linley and the 7th Earl of Bradford to The Bishop of London, Tom Conti and Linda Bellingham. Businesses backing the campaign include The Ritz, John Lewis and the Hippodrome Casino. John Stephen, the chairman of Chinawhite sums up the views of many when he comments: “Westminster Council are about to ruin the West End of London.”

Mayfair estate agent and anti-parking charge camapigner: Peter Wetherell

Though the scheme is still under public consultation, today the Evening Standard has revealed that this arrogant council have already begun putting up signage indicating the changes they intend to bring into place from the beginning of December. To date, these signs have supposedly cost a staggering £300,000. Here, yet again, is illustration of a council riding roughshod over residents and business owners and illustrating precisely why we have so little faith in our elected officials.

Shame on Westminster Council: The people are speaking and you should respect what they’re saying.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Matthew. Bloody Tory councillors like these give the party a bad name. Tories are meant to stand up for business rather than destroy it.

Matthew de Unger Brown said...

Sorry, have to disagree with you here Matthew. Claims of potential disaster have greeted parking charges since WCC introduced the first ones to Mayfair in 1958. Yet the West End still booms. Overwhelmingly, people travel to Oxford Street and Regent Street by Tube and bus. Furthermore, unrestricted parking in the West End at night and at weekends has stifled WCC's ability to manage its road network and has impacted on the ability to have doorstep deliveries. WCC is only doing the responsible, sensible thing.

El Presidente said...

There should be a referendum for any policy NOT in the manifesto. Period.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering Matthew de Unger Brown, if you have ever had to find your way home from work at 4am and on sundays when there is no tube service and restricted buses? The opposition from workers isn't just based on the economic cost. With the shortfall in permit holders bays compared to the number of permits sold all the pay bays will be used by residents as overflow so there will be no option to park and pay! Safety is a big issue with females having to travel alone at night on public transport. For some there is no alternative  to driving, night buses do not cover all areas, so how are we expected to get in an out of working in a so called 24hour city? 

Anonymous said...

They should resign. Scandalous.