Sunday, 13 November 2011

The thinking man’s cocktail hour

Aperitivo is the rich uncle of happy hour. It stems from Milan, where pre-dinner drinks are served with complimentary appetisers known as stuzzichini. The term itself derives from aperitivus, to open, and the concept is meant to stimulate the appetite prior to the dinner that follows.

The Collection's aperitivo invitation

The new management of The Collection have decided to bring this tradition to Brompton Cross and now host a complimentary aperitivo from 5pm to 7.30pm from Monday to Sunday.

Amongst the dishes on the rotating weekly menu, are whole hams and whole mortadella that is sliced à la minute. These will be accompanied by foccacia, grissini, crostini, fried cauliflowers, olives, pizette, buffalo meatballs, frittata and chesse croquettes.

The bar of The Collection

Accompanying cocktails focus on Italian classics like Aperol spritz and The Collection Negroni whilst alternatives include a chilli passion martini and a watermelon couler. Alternatively, patrons can opt for a glass of Pommery. Each aperitivo drink is priced at just £9.25 making this a great way to start any evening.

Toasts of “Evviva!” are ringing out through Brompton Cross.

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Anonymous said...

This entry has made me rather thirsty, I'm definitely coming to visit The Collection soon! Fantastic writing, Matthew, as always!