Sunday, 20 November 2011

Watch out for the quiet ones

The London restaurant scene continues to buzz despite the nationwide recession but there seems to be a new approach of “discrete openings” rather than glitzy launches.

 The DownTown Mayfair by Cipriani logo

In Mayfair last week, the owners of the Cipriani brand opened a new venue they’ve named “DownTown Mayfair by Cipriani” in a clear effort to avoid the trouble they had with the name of their Davies Street restaurant. With no website and without the traditional PR drive normally associated with restaurant launches, little is known about what they have planned other than it is on two storeys, has a private room and offers the traditional Cipriani menu. This is a very different approach to the mass of publicity surrounding the opening of Cipriani London (now “C-London”) in 2004.

Chris Corbin and Jeremy King

Equally over in Sloane Square, Chris Corbin and Jeremy King have somewhat discretely announced their next project, Delaunay, located on the old Oriel site. This most successful duo, no doubt, have taken this approach with a mind to keeping their landlord, the notoriously private Earl Cadogan, happy and will be opening a “grand café” in time for the Olympics.

 The Oriel - closed after Earl Cadogan decided he didn't like it

At a recent party I also spoke with the PR for several new venues that will be opening shortly. She stated that she was keen to keep them under wraps for the moment and didn’t want to get too much publicity too soon.

Gone, it seems, are the days of big, brash openings. Here comes the era of discretion and understatement.

DownTown Mayfair by Cipriani, 15 New Burlington Place, London, W1.  Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3056 1001


Peter Greenfield said...

The Oriel was awful. I think King and Corbin will really bring something great to the area.

Euan said...

I hear DownTown is a favourite of Michael Winner. I reserve judgement.