Thursday, 29 December 2011

Gin: the spirit of 2012?

The simplicity of a gin drinking granny wins all

Yesterday Nielson named Aldi’s brilliant advert showing a grandmother talking about her husband’s enjoyment of tea and her own preference for gin as the most popular advert of the year.

Aldi's advert starring Jean Jones from Teeside.

Directed by MJ Delaney, this 21-second advert, starring Jean Jones, is simplicity in the extreme and goes as follows:

I buy this tea for my husband. He likes tea.

He also likes this one.

I don’t like tea. I like gin.

In an interview on her performance, Jones, who is aged 83 and last acted in a Shakespeare play when she was 14, commented:

“I never in a million years thought I would even be picked for this role… I am a big tea drinker… I only occasionally drink gin.”

 Martin Miller: one of the pioneers in the revival of all things gin.

Over the course of the year, Da Steeps Speaks has covered all manner of things related to gin and it seems that finally a revival is truly under way. From new gin brands such as Sipsmith, No. 3, Berkeley Square and Bloom to favourites including Martin Miller’s and Plymouth, interest in what was once considered a “Mother’s Ruin” has finally begun to rocket.

Sipsmith's Jared Brown, Stamford Goldsworthy and Fairfax Hall at their distillery at 27 Nasymth Street, London, W6 0HA.

A favourite of friends John Stoddart and Julia Peatling, who I often enjoy a proper gin and tonic with at La Brasserie in Brompton Cross, gin is now also taking over from vodka as the top spirit on many a cocktail list.

No. 3: Berry Bros. & Rudd's London Dry gin brand.

Though there are several cuckoos in the nest, most notably a gin flavoured with coconut that tastes thoroughly vile, Radio 4 covered the subject with a programme by Dan Saladino on gin and botanicals earlier this month. Today, they continue their investigation into the subject with a piece at 8.30pm where Peter Day meets some of the entrepreneurs currently shaking up the sector.

As Denis Thatcher once said: “I don't know what reception I'm at, but for God's sake give me a gin and tonic. “

Watch Aldi’s commercial at:

Listen to BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme: Gin & Botanicals at:

Listen to BBC Radio 4’s In Business: A Glass of Its Own tonight at 8.30pm:

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Ginette O. said...

I want to try this Miller's Gin. Where can I buy it?

DavidB said...

A toast to all things gin! It's time for the revival indeed. Make mine a Bulldog and tonic.

Dr Graham Rhodes said...

Well worth reading:

Henry said...

I'm a gin drinker and I would most definitely love to try some of these new ones. What's the best?

Matthew Steeples said...

Henry: I'd suggest you try:

- Martin Miller's
- Sipsmith
- Bloom
- Berkeley Square

Another new one is Death's Door. I'm being sent a sample so I'll review that shortly.

The one's I'd avoid, unless you want something very different, are Brockmans (I used to work with the company who created it but many would say it is not a gin) and Hoxton (which is flavoured with coconut). Citadelle is, to my mind, the worst, however, as it is utterly overpowering.

Anonymous said...

I hope not.

Have you ever seen Hogarth's rather brilliant etchings describing the madness of Gin? Gin Lane and Beer Street.

Gin is an abomonation...

Gin Journey said...

Nice post.

I love No.3 and Sipsmith; both incredible gins. I have yet to try Hoxton - mostly because I haven't heard a good word said about it.
Keep drinking.