Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Take it from me, every vote counts

An awards ceremony in honour of the favourites of Twitter

This morning I received notification that I am in the top ten finalists in one category of an awards ceremony named The Tweet Awards.

The Tweet Awards

Goodness knows why @DaSteepsTweets was suggested in the “One person everyone should follow,” but I do wish to thank all 59 of you who voted for me there.

I’d suggest there are several more worthy categories on this list that I’d urge my followers to vote for on this list. These would include:

@ThomasJames124 for “Informative Tweeter of the year”

@stephenfry for “Celebrity Tweeter of the year”

@macmillancancer for “Charity Tweeter of the year”

@I_am_KenBarlow for “Best parody account of the year”

@KathyLette for “Best bio of the year”

Should you wish to vote for me or any other nominee in this competition, please follow the link below. Voting closes this Friday, 6th January.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said: “A vote is life a rifle; its usefulness depends on the character of the user.” Happy voting.

To see who has made the top ten in each category of The Tweet Awards, go to:


Peter O said...

@mowbrayjackson for Troll of the year. Hilarious: he's got 93 votes. That's a hell of a lot more than you Matthew and you didn't mention him in your piece. Well done brother.

Helen said...

I love your Tweets Matthew. Your Facebook pics are even more fun though.

Alexandra B said...

I've voted, Matthew.