Friday, 3 February 2012

A Bazaarley inappropriate interview

Was it really necessary for Bernie Madoff’s daughter-in-law to offer up a look into her new life in a glossy magazine?

In a recent edition of Harper’s Bazaar, the wife of Bernie Madoff’s deceased son, Mark, has given an interview in which she talks of her new home, her shopping habits and what she gets upto in the gym.

Stephanie Mack in a Harper’s Bazaar photograph captioned: “In her living room in a Tory Burch dress”

In the piece, accompanied by photographs complete with captions promoting the brands that she is wearing, which presumably were given or lent, the former Mrs Madoff explains how she changed her name by combining the M from Madoff with ACK, “the airport code for their beloved Nantucket.” Here is a woman who has reinvented herself as a clotheshorse who comes complete with a publicist, RosieMarie Terenzio, who describes her as a “J. Crew kinda girl. Always was.”

Stephanie Mack in a Harper’s Bazaar photograph captioned: “In a J. Crew dress and shoes”

During the interview, conducted over “burgers and wine,” Mack, who now occupies a TriBeCa apartment that surely must be the envy of many a Madoff victim, promotes her memoir, The End of Normal, as well as terming pieces about her deceased husband: “nasty no-news article[s].”

Plainly, with the help of her PR, Mack has most definitely capitalised on her story. She concludes: “I’m not going to let Bernie Madoff ruin my life anymore.” It’s just a pity she can't spare a thought for the many other truly innocent victims.

Read Stephanie Mack’s interview in Harper’s Bazaar at:


Chris said...

Shameful woman. I'm surprised you didn't compare her to another of the same type, that woman the Daily Telegraph calls the "Chanel-clad" one. They ought to become friends though at least Mack looks like a real hottie unlike the other old trout.

Adam Peterson said...

Disgraceful antics.

Zoe said...

Who is "Chanel-clad"? I'm confused.

Zoe said...

Why is Bazaar publishing this kind of rubbish? I won't be buying their magazine anymore.