Thursday, 16 February 2012

The case for colour

The impact of colourful clothing

I am often told that the clothing I wear stands out. Some actually go as far to say: “You’re too colourful.” I favour pink, green or yellow socks and have been been known to sport a brightly coloured jumper as well. My red Tod’s are undoubtedly my favourite shoes and I’ve also been known to sport an orange pair from time to time. I do indeed embrace colour with gusto.

Red Tod’s for Ferrari

When, recently, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour did a piece mocking men who wear pink shirts, I was somewhat surprised. The reaction of listeners, though, thankfully was, in the main, of consternation at such a silly piece.

Yes, even I’ll admit that some do take colour too far: I recently saw a man wearing one red Tod’s shoe with another in green. He was also sporting purple cords and an orange coat. Frankly, he looked like a set of exotic traffic lights but you could at least say he was memorable.

The Right Honourable Theresa MP sporting a rainbowesque outfit

Another, who often gets carried away in the clothing department, is the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP. Though her personality and comments often irrritate, she always stands out whether in orange, green or red. May brings colour to the world of politics and for that I raise a cheer to her.

Christine Hamilton pictured with Andre Lennon-Smith

At my 21st birthday, my friend Christine Hamilton sported a turquoise jumper patterned in yellow, orange, black, green and purple. As you will see from the picture above, she looked jolly and if only others followed suit, we might cheer up this grim, grey, economically depressed land.


Dark Avenger said...

One should only wear red Tod's with yellow/amber coloured corduroy trousers. Perhaps a dashing green jumper to go with it. By such a combination, one can perform a party trick: stand on one's head and pretend to  be a traffic light.  

Zoe said...

What a style tip for the gents.

Becky Goldschmidt said...

Christine Hamilton is the one who has the real style here Dark Avenger.