Monday, 27 February 2012

Do the angelic thing

Charlotte Church receives £600,000 in damages from News Group Newspapers

Today, Charlotte Church was awarded some £600,000 in damages for the intrusive actions of Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers (NGN).

Charlotte Church outside the Royal Courts of Justice

“Sickened and disgusted,” Miss Church claimed that the money “could never mend” the damage done to her and her family before adding:

I brought this legal claim with my parents, as many others have done, because we wanted to find out the truth about what this newspaper group had done in the pursuit of stories about our family… Nothing was deemed off limits by those who pursued me and my family, just to make money for a multinational news corporation.”

Charlotte Church in an inebriated state

Yes, Miss Church is a victim of phone hacking but much of what was written in the 33 articles that she received settlement for was actually true. As I suggested in a previous piece, Church is a woman who behaved badly in public and was regularly “spotted drunk out of her mind” with her “underwear round her ankles.”

This also is a young woman who, through her chosen life in the public eye, has become a privileged multi-millionaire. She, like all the other “whingeing celebrities” (her own words at the Leveson Inquiry), would do well to remember that the very media that put her there can as easily put her away.

Do the something decent, Miss Church: hand your damages to a worthy charity such as Alcoholic Anonymous. You’ll gain much more respect that way.

Read my previous analysis of Charlotte Church’s appearance at the Leveson Inquiry at:


A461615 said...

You're a fucking idiot.

Matthew Steeples said...

Thank you for your viewpoint.

Becky Goldschmidt said...

And Charlotte Church isn't?