Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mighty Morgan

New models from the Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Company is launching three new vehicles at the 82nd Geneva International Motor Show on 7th March.

Founded by Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan (generally known as “H.F.S.”) in 1910, the Morgan Motor Company is based in the Malvern Link area of Worcestershire and is now run by H.F.S. Morgan’s grandson, Charles. Here is a truly impressive British family business that has deservedly prospered and whose customers number Richard Hammond, Rowan Atkinson and Paul O’Grady.

Morgan’s new Aero Coupe

Described as “an advanced supercar designed for practical long distance touring,” Morgan’s sleek new Aero Coupe is constructed entirely from aluminium and is the first of the company’s new cars to be launched at the Geneva show. With a 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine and 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, this is a vehicle that has a top speed of 170mph and can go from 0 – 62mph in just 4.5 seconds. With a surprisingly luxurious cockpit featuring pressure point reclining seats, this Morgan even boasts a powerful standard sound system that “creates audio definition as crisp as the lines of the exterior.”

The new Morgan Plus 8

The new Morgan Plus 8, on the other hand, retains the classic styling for which the company is best known whilst improvements have been made in terms of comfort levels. Making use of technology from the aircraft industry, this Morgan has an unladen weight of just 1100kgs that makes it the lightest V8 passenger car in the world approved to European safety standards. Capable of achieving 0 – 62mph in 4.2 seconds, this is a vehicle that has an urban fuel consumption of 17mpg.

Morgan’s new 3.7 litre Roadster

The final new model to be launched at the show is the new 3.7 litre Roadster. Featuring a Ford Cyclone six cylinder engine, this aluminium car has been described as one of the few fast sports cars that achieves “extremely low” carbon emissions. Even featuring a stopwatch to measure lap times, this coach-built car is available as a four-seater or with seats folded flat, there is ample space for enough luggage for a weekend away for two.

Shortly before he died in 1959, H.F.S. Morgan commented:

“Looking back through the years, seeing both the errors and the triumphs in their correct perspective, I feel I have enjoyed it all. The motor trade has been, so far as I’m concerned, a most interesting business.”

Long may this brilliant example of the British pioneering spirit prosper.

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Marsha Chun-Matsubara said...

Great piece Matthew on a heritage company that still knows how to maintain the integrity of utmost British classicism and flair, yet boasts the best of modern integrated engineering!

Hopefully Morgan will receive more notoriety  for promoting grandeur lifestyle vehicles, especially with their impressive lineup.

Erwin Calverley said...

It may look like an ordinary classic or vintage car on the outside, but when you turn the ignition and rev up the engine, you'll realize that it's more than capable of beating even the most modern sports cars out there. How much is the Aero Coupe and where is it sold?

Anonymous said...

C'est maqnifique !

Rob Heap said...

minor point, Morgan was founded in 1909, we celebrated the Centenary in fine style at Cheltenham racecourse and many other events in July 2009

Robheap said...

Erwin, all new Morgans are sold through the agents (as they are quaintly referred to) you can find them on the Morgan website.

Zoe said...

Any prices?

Zoe said...

I found 1910 mentioned as the founding year too. One of you is a year out - not that it makes that much difference!

Zoe said...

Aren't they lovely cars Marsha? Great to see Britain making such wonderful vehicles.