Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Olympic Rentals

The tale of landlords seeking extraordinary rental figures during the 2012 Olympic Games

Walton Place is a smart Knightsbridge street where my good friend Marisa Masters used to host the most extraordinary parties featuring the likes of everyone from Joan Collins to Archbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro, the Vatican’s ambassador to Serbia. This is also a street where, at various times, everyone from Damian Aspinall and Donna Air to Sir Martin Sorrell have lived and where houses regularly sell for up to £20 million.

The exterior of 18 Walton Place, London, SW3 1RJ

Several years ago, a chef friend catered at an event hosted by the owners of 18 Walton Place, a particularly grand corner house opposite Harrods. On this particular occasion, I recall being told of how the owners had filled the ground floor with sand and employed bikini clad staff to reflect the beach party theme of the evening. These were hosts who didn’t hesitate to pull out the stops to make their bash go with a swing.

A sitting room at 18 Walton Place

Yesterday, I noticed the very same house for rent in a property magazine for an equally brash figure. Described as an “Olympic let,” £40,000 a week is sought for the property during the period of the games in July. A housekeeper is included and parking is possibly available as an extra but as tenants will have to stay for at least a month, they’ll still be shelling out £160,000.

The courtyard garden at 18 Walton Place with a glazed panel illuminating the space below

Normally houses in this street fetch up to £15,000 a week, so it will be interesting to see whether there’ll be any takers for this 3,800 square foot residence.

Christine Hamilton’s charming mother, “Granny” Megan Holman, once said to me:

“The Olympics… Give them to the Scots, they take everything else from us.”

These landlords, should they find a tenant, will be thinking exactly to the contrary.

For more details on 18 Walton Place, go to: http://www.harrodsestates.com/property/lettings?code=KNL090035 or contact Karen Boland of Harrods Estates on +44 (0) 20 7225 6602 or em


Anonymous said...

"to be rich is glorious" - Deng Xiaoping-

Henry said...


Zoe said...

They must be delusional.

Diggle4 said...

Actually, the 'Bikini Clad' staff were actually topless Abercrombie and Fitch sales staff. I was there, it was my 40th Birthday. So, your chef friend was incorrect. He was correct about the 1 ton of sand though. I shovelled it myself for the hours the next day trying to get it out of the door.............. I think they call it a 'mid life crisis'.

Diggle4 said...

And no..... we did not get the 'delusional' rental price. In fact, this crazy pricing was set by the estate agents who were all determined to have supply on their books for the event. Quite funny really. Our home is a happy family home with many children racing around. Be careful everyone, perhaps all is not as it may first appear. Interesting comments though. Who would have ever thought that we were THAT interesting.