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Sun, ski and style

Thomas James provides an insight into how to look stylish in St. Tropez and Gstaad in a guest blog for Da Steeps Speaks

St. Tropez is nestled along the Côte d'Azur close in proximity to both Cannes and Nice. Being one of the liveliest places in the south of France during the summer months, St. Tropez is well known for its exuberant nightlife, yachts, gourmet food, boutiques and sandy beaches.

The "rebel angel" Andrea Casiraghi, the eldest son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and her second husband Stefano Casiraghi, in Vilebrequin swimwear with his dog

It is the place to be during the summer for the jet-set crowd as many have second or third homes there. The best beach to see and be seen is the Plage Port Grimaud and here you find men adorned in Vicomte A. Shorts and Paul Smith Trilby hats.

Luxury yachts nestle in the harbour at St Tropez

One of the trendiest nightclubs is Les Caves du Roy at the Hotel Byblos as it is filled with socialites, royals, Le Rosey students and the jet set popping the cork on the Cristal and dancing the night away into the early hours of the morning.

The style that pertains to St. Tropez is casual elegance. Vilebrequin is often seen on men as they spend their day yachting on the beautiful waters of the south of France.

The typical St. Tropez look: Paul Smith Twilby hat, Lacoste polo, and Oliver Peoples shades.

Gstaad, on the other hand, is surrounded by beautiful alpine scenery and only a two hours drive from Geneva or Zurich. This exclusive town has a reputation as being a playground for the wealthy in the winter with an array of sporting activities and social events.

However, it is quite ironic, for as one walks through Gstaad it doesn’t give off an air of exclusivity, as the village itself is very charming, full of restored weathered-wood chalets between sloping valleys.

The Gstaad Palace Hotel

The sheer beauty of the Gstaad Palace is one of the many reasons it is my favorite hotel as it has an unrivalled reputation for discreet and refined hospitality. GreenGo Club, located within hotel, is designed with a 1970’s décor in mind and is quite popular with the illustrious youth of today. It has been the place to party for students of Le Rosey as Le Rosey’s winter campus is located in Gstaad. Jim Leblanc, the GreenGo Club’s DJ plays an array today’s hottest music set in GreenGo Club’s classy environment.

Partying with the jetset at the GreenGo Club

So what does one wear to the GreenGo Club? A gentleman of today can be seen wearing a buttoned down shirt from Turnbull & Asser underneath a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater with a pair of jeans as well as a pair of driving shoes from Tod’s. As for skiing in Gstaad, one is usually outfitted in Moncler before hitting the slopes.

Equally, whether you are skiing down the slopes in Gstaad or yachting in St. Tropez, jewelry from Kriss and Jules is the perfect accessory for any truly stylish man. Kriss and Jules make unparalleled treats from silver, gold and stone and handcraft them with love.

Kriss and Jules silver crocodiles with black diamond eyes on waxed threads

These individualised bracelets can be worn on both casual and formal occasions and each possesses a unique story due to the origins of the stones. So, as you sip your Dom Perignon at GreenGo Club in Gstaad or dance the night away at Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez, as your worldly accessories of Kriss and Jules dangle remember the journey they've embarked: the journey of their origins.

With these suggestions in mind, who knows where you just might end up.

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