Thursday, 15 March 2012

Far from third place

A review of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s No.3 London Dry Gin

My passion for gin is well known and I must say my preference tends to be for a traditional offering where the dominant taste is juniper. On recently trying No.3, made by Berry Bros. & Rudd, I was pleased therefore to discover just such a gin.

No.3 London Dry Gin

Made to Berry Bros. & Rudd’s own recipe, this 46% ABV spirit is the creation of one Dr. David Clutton, an expert in gin distillation, who combined just three fruits and three spices in his quest to create a crisp, dry and balanced classic. The three fruits number juniper from Italy, sweet Spanish orange peel and grapefuit peel whilst angelica, Moroccan coriander seeds and cardamom pods add a somewhat spicy bite. Distilled in traditional copper pot stills in Schiedam in Holland, the result is a gin that makes a perfect martini but that is also great with tonic.

Named after the number of the building on St James’s Street that Berry Bros. & Rudd have occupied since 1698, No.3’s stylish green bottle features a key inspired by that of the key to The Parlour, a room within their shop. Chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd, Simon Berry, describes the key as a symbol of the trust that customers come to associate with a company who hold warrants from both Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales but this fine bottle has also been deservedly praised by The Spirits Business, Harpers Wine & Spirit and at the 2011 FAB Awards.

The interior of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s historic shop at 3 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1EG

Each bottle is individually wrapped and packaged and this indeed reflects the attention to detail of Berry Bros. & Rudd. As a traditional company that has passed through eight generations of family ownership and one who prosper in both the wine and spirits sector, it is truly impressive to see them bring yet another fine product to the market.

A wrapped and packaged bottle of No.3 London Dry Gin

No.3 is one of the best gins I’ve tasted in a long while. It’s certainly deserving of a pole position on any podium.

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Tara said...

Sounds good and the bottle design is lovely. It's good to see English companies prospering for once.

Susie said...

I tried this at your place Matthew and I loved it! I'm off to Waitrose later so I'll empty my purse and buy a bottle. Goodness isn't it expensive but goodness isn't it worth it. Martini time soon!!!!!!!

Willie said...

Good stuff. Tip top.

Roderick McKay said...

Good stuff. I'll order a bottle this morning and let you know how I get on.