Monday, 30 April 2012

We're on the move...

Thank you for your support

In the 10 months since launch and with over 160,000 unique views, I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you for the interest you’ve shown in Da Steeps Speaks.

Never did I imagine that a blog I started as a response to my dealings with some people who especially dislike me would end up becoming something so positive. The caravan has long moved on from that silly saga and I am delighted to announce today that I will shortly be launching an online magazine named The Steeple TIMES.

A talented team is currently working to finalise the new site and we very much hope that you will soon be enjoying what we’ve created. Our intention is to continuing sharing the “wit and wisdom” that began here as we also expand into pastures new.

Please look back in the next few days for further updates and in the meantime, thank you one and all.

Matthew Steeples


Farrukh said...


Dark Avenger said...

It has been a great blog Matthew. Good luck with the new format!

spy said...

Citizen Kane Steeples, I presume?


Brett said...

Awesome Matthew, I really look forward to the new site and I hope you grabbed a good domain name.